What Bitcoin Did #33 An Interview with Kyle Samani

‘œBitcoin is not going to zero, I don’t even think Bitcoin is going to be irrelevant, I do think in 10 years time there will be at least one asset worth materially more money than Bitcoin.’

‘” Kyle Samani

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wed 5th September 2018

Company: Multicoin Capital

Role: Founding Partner

Kyle first appeared on the What Bitcoin Did podcast in March, where we discussed his views on regulation in Crypto, institutional inflows and his doubts about Bitcoin. Since then, Kyle Tweeted about his changing stance with Bitcoin, specifically stating “TLDR: I’m bought in. Kind of.”

Kyle does split opinion; there are maximalists who think he talks nonsense, some who hold him to account for his over bullish thoughts on EOS and others who appreciate his hard work and the thought pieces he puts into the market.

Following Kyle, I have come to understand his approach. As a hedge fund manager, his goal is to create a return on his capital, and he sees blockchain as a disruptive technology which can change the world, thus creating a return for the fund. Kyle, therefore, puts out statements, questions and ideas into the market to spark a debate. He doesn’t mind being wrong, insulted or challenged; everything is done with the goal of finding value and investment ideas.

Whether you agree with Kyle or not, if there is value to be created outside of Bitcoin then Kyle will likely find it, which is why significant other investors are backing him. In this interview we discuss:

-Why his view has changed on Bitcoin

-Miner rewards after the 2024 halving

-Proof of stake v proof of work

-What will be the global digital reserve asset

-Kyle’s article: Aggregation Theory, Thin Protocols, And Recentralization: Augur Edition

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