POV Crypto – tBTC with James Prestwich

POV Crypto – tBTC with James Prestwich

The new gold standard for bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum, tBTC is a new trust-minimized protocol for creating an ERC20 on Ethereum that has the value of Bitcoin. Lead developer James Prestwich comes to POV to discuss the protocol and the long-term implications for both chains.


  • How the tBTC system works

  • What other protocols and designs are featured in tBTC

  • The mint/redeem loop of tBTC

  • Different stakeholders and participants in the protocol

  • What does it mean for Bitcoin blockspace?

  • What does it mean for the value of Ether?

  • The Alpha rate that DeFi can provide Bitcoin

  • The economic abstraction of Ether

  • The merging of the communities

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