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Japan's Government Develops Method for Assessing Blockchains

One of Japan’s government ministries has developed a new methodology for evaluating blockchain projects.nSource

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Miami 2014 The Last Days of Bitcoin's Wild West

‘Bitcoin Milestones’ continues with a look back at TNABC Miami 2014 the conference where Bruce Fenton says the industry grew up.nSource

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Primavera de Filippi on Blockchain and the Quest to Decentralize Society

The Harvard researcher talks blockchain governance and her novel alternative to proof-of-work.nSource

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German Finance Watchdog Shutters OneCoin Payment Processor

Germanys top finance regulator has moved to shut down a payment processor tied to the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme.nSource

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179 – Thomas Voegtlin: Blocksize, Bitcoin Unlimited, ASICBoost and Activating SegWit

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Years into the great Bitcoin scaling debate no solution is in reach. Neither bigger blocks nor Segregated Witness have anywhere near consensus support. With the conflict escalating, a Bitcoin fork has become a real possibility.

Electrum Developer Thomas Voegtlin joined us to discuss the state of the Bitcoin scaling debate. We discussed Bitcoin Unlimited, ASICBoost, SegWit activation without miner support and how a Bitcoin fork could play out. Possible outcomes include that Bitcoin Unlimited gains a majority of hashing power and starts mining bigger blocks. In the event of a fork, a proof-of-work change could be done to defend the minority chain from miner attacks. And lately a proposal was brought forward to activate SegWit without the support of the hashing power.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • ASICBoost and its potential role in the conflict
  • How a Bitcoin fork could happen
  • How to split coins in case of a fork
  • How UASF could be used to activate SegWit without miner support
  • Requirements for UASF to be safe
  • How Electrum would handle a fork

Links mentioned in this episode:


  • Jaxx: Wallets that Unify the Blockchain Experience Across Devices –

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Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, S?Ć’bastien Couture & Meher Roy.

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Goldman Sachs Managing Director Joins Blockchain Startup Chain

Blockchain startup Chain has named a Goldman Sachs managing director as its new president.nSource

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Traders Raise Concern as Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Halts Deposits

Following Bitfinex’s announcement that it will refuse all deposits, fears have been brewing that bitcoin may encounter another Mt. Gox. nSource

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Bullion on the Blockchain A New Gold Standard

CoinDesk’s Noelle Acheson puts blockchain gold trading trials within the wider context of changes in the precious metals markets.nSource

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What the Father of Venture Capital Can Teach Us About Blockchain

Early venture capitalists were driven to break the regulatory mold to allow something new to flourish. Ring a bellnSource

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Ethereum Developers Eye Proof-of-Stake Shift with New Geth Update

The team behind ethereums most popular user client have released a new update that includes support for alternative consensus systems.nSource

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